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Water Ways: A Smithsonian Institution Museum on Main Street Exhibition

Nov 17

Water Ways: A Smithsonian Institution Museum on Main Street Exhibition

8:00AM - 4:30PM
Grant Walker Educational Center
3000 Highway 8
Pollock, LA 71467
Phone: (318) 765-7209

The LSU AgCenter Grant Walker Educational Center, in cooperation with the Louisiana Endowment for Humanities, will host “Water/Ways,” a four-week traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Museum on Main Street program Nov. 17 to Dec. 19.

The exhibit is the first of its kind to be offered at the AgCenter facility, which also serves as the state 4-H youth development program’s year-round campground, said Grant Walker Educational Center director Christine Bergeron. The Grant Walker Educational Center is located at 3000 Highway 8 in Pollock.

“We typically would have to travel to Washington, D.C., to visit the Smithsonian, but the traveling exhibits make these exciting programs far more accessible for the general public,” Bergeron said, adding that the center is one of five host facilities in the state.

The “Water/Ways” exhibit is a core component of the Smithsonian Think Water Initiative, which explores the relationship between people and water from both a scientific and cultural perspective to raise awareness of water as a critical life resource.

Designed for small-town museums, libraries, and cultural organizations, “Water/Ways” serves as a community meeting place, opening conversations about water’s impact on American culture.

The exhibit examines the role water plays as an essential component for life on the planet and explores its environmental, cultural and historical impact through interactive educational activities, displays, and video presentations.  The exhibit also features the effect of water on the environment and climate, its practical role in agriculture and economic planning, and its impact on culture and spirituality, art and music.

“Access to and control of water resources are critical to our state economy and our well-being, and this program helps increase public awareness of new ways to protect and respect these valuable resources,” Bergeron said.

The exhibit will open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Registration and fees are not required for the general public. School groups can register for specific tour days at 318-765-7209.

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